Mueller to subpoena Roger Stone-Wikileaks connection: report

Source: The Hill | August 9, 2018 | John Bowden

Special counsel Robert Mueller will reportedly soon issue a subpoena targeting Randy Credico, the associate of informal Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone who was his alleged connection to Wikileaks during the 2016 election, to force an interview with his office.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber reported Thursday afternoon on his show, “The Beat with Ari Melber,” that Mueller’s office had “indicated” it planned to subpoena Credico and force an interview. The special counsel investigation continues to target associates of Stone, a longtime adviser and friend of President Trump.

Melber reported that “a direct source with knowledge of the special counsel’s outreach” had confirmed the move, which is expected to occur in the coming days.

The move comes a day after Credico told Melber on his program that Mueller had previously requested a voluntary interview, which Credico said he declined.

“They didn’t call me in, they showed up and they asked me to come in and do an in-person voluntary interview,” Credico told MSNBC on Wednesday. “They asked me if I would like to do — we set up a conversation with somebody from the Mueller team and they asked my lawyer if I would like to sit down and do a voluntary interview.”

“And I said no,” he said, adding that the interaction took place “five or six weeks ago.”

Stone allegedly asked Credico to connect him with Wikileaks‘s founder Julian Assange in September 2016 hoping to gain dirt on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.


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  •  ConservativeGranny #24986

    He’s going after the little fish looking to reel in a bigger one. Like Stone. It’s worked for Mueller very well so far.

    I think Mueller discovered quite a bit of crime during his investigation. Not surprised in the least.

    Trump didn’t hire people because he didn’t know about it. I believe he hired these type of people because of it. I also believe that Trump and his family are involved in some of the same type of activities that his associates are. Money laundering, obtaining loans illegally, dirty real estate dealings, hidden bank accounts, shady foreign loans, tax evasion, collusion with Russia and more. Trump probably would have gotten away with it all if he hadn’t had to run for POTUS and he stayed in NYC. He got power greedy and arrogant. He’s not as smart as he thinks he is.

    His supporters sneer that Mueller has nothing to show for all the time and money spent. I strongly disagree with that. Mueller has found plenty.

     Consistent #24991

     Consistent #24992

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