New Utah poll shows Ted Cruz with commanding lead

Source: Fox 13 Salt Lake City | March 19, 2016 | Max Roth

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah may be poised to give Texas Senator Ted Cruz his most decisive win of the 2016 elections, according to a poll of likely Utah Republican Caucus goers conducted by Y2 Analytics.

In the poll, conducted between March 17th and 19th, Cruz has 53 percent support, followed by Ohio Governor John Kasich with 29 percent.

National frontrunner, businessman Donald Trump, scores a distant third place with 11 percent support.

“The thing to watch for is Utah’s 50 percent rule,” said Quin Monson, a founding partner at Y2 Analytics.

Utah’s Republican Caucus rules assign delegates proportionally according to each candidates vote total, with one big exception. If a candidate gets a majority of the total, they get every delegate.

“Ted Cruz is the only candidate showing the potential to get more than 50 percent of the vote in Utah,” Monson said.

Monson says the poll results show the potential for Cruz to tie up all 40 of Utah’s delegates.

The poll also asked voters how likely they were to attend a caucus, and Cruz lead more strongly among those saying they were “very likely” to attend, with 57 percent support.


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  • Consistent #2897

    EVERYDAY #2898

    Praying this is for real.

    slhancock1948 #2900

    Amen! I am going to fast that day. At first I was’t sure I could because our grandkids were coming, but now we have a huge and expensive plumbing repair, so that is being put off for now. Fasting will be easier because I don’t have to cook for the kids. They’d not understand me not eating with them.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Victoria #2906

    I didn’t know about this poll – let it be the truth and let it happen. We need those delegates.

    Trump is now saying, he wonders if Romney is really a Mormon, heard him say that twice yesterday and today. “Is he really a Mormon?” Romney holds a high position in the Mormon church so Trump saying that digs a hole for himself. Romney said he is voting for Cruz.

    Trump picks the most obvious good thing about a person and puts out a question if it is true, and keeps saying it until people believe it. Cruz has signs that read, TrustTed, so Trump keeps saying Cruz is a liar, over and over. Cruz is a religious Christian so Trump says Cruz waves a Bible, then he lies and repeats this over and over.

    Romney is a devout high placed official in the Mormon faith, that is part of his identity, so Trump asks if he is really a Mormon and is repeating it over and over.

    Trump is the worst individual I have ever known about and I am 82 so I have known a lot of people in politics and in the world. I have traveled to many counties and met numerous people. I worked in politics for ten years, instructing lawyers, county chairmen, election judges and clerks in election law and helped put on county elections and worked with the state party. I repeat, Trump is the worst individual I have ever known about.

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