No Wonder DT Won't Release His Tax Forms…

Source: Soshable | 4.8.2016 | Jd Rucker

For a mega-rich billionaire like Donald Trump, most Americans would expect that his income tax bill is probably yuuuuge. A few million? Tens of millions? HUNDREDS of millions? In reality, it’s very likely that Donald Trump actually MAKES money from federal income tax deferments based upon an obscure loophole…

Here’s the thing. Donald Trump is  lying when he says he cannot release his tax returns…

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  • slhancock1948 #4168

    Yuuuuge! The IRS said there was no problem with DT releasing his taxes. I bet this guy is RIGHT! We’d see that DT pays NO TAXES!

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    ConstitutionalConservative #4224

    That is why Trump does not like the Cruz tax plan and why he claims he would only lower taxes for everybody he does not criticize the IRS other than tweak it a bit it is his friend, under the Cruz plan Billionaires would actually have to pay something. It is rare to hear Trump speak about taxes Cruz Packs should start running Ads saying ask Trump why he will not release taxes what is he hiding.

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