North Carolina Delegate Disaster Brewing. John Kasich Leads Donald Trump.

Source: RedState | April 11, 2016 | streiff

NC GOP Primary Results

North Carolina awards 72 delegates. A portion of those, in the far right column on the graphic, were awarded based on the primary vote. The remainder, 33, consist of 30 chosen at-large at the state GOP convention, May 6-8, plus three reserved for party leadership. The selection of the 39 bound delegates is underway and will end on April 23. These 39 are only bound for the first ballot. As the Republican Convention, barring some sort of a deus ex machina, is almost certainly going to be contested, the actual loyalties of the delegates is more important than who they are committed to on the first ballot.

So how is this working out for Donald Trump? Much as you might expect. With 24 of 39 delegates slected, he’s getting his ass kicked by John Kasich so far:


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    rodamala #4258

    Laughing… HARD. Very clever how they say Drumpf is having his ass kicked by Kasuck. (by a 2:1 margin, at that!).

    Absolutely zero need here to mention that Cruz has 21 of 30 “at large” delegates in the bag, that would just incite a riot, afterall. HAHAHAHAH!

    If Kasuck’s 2 at large delegates is kicking Drumpf’s the ass, Cruz’s 21 at-large delegates represents a giant black latex phallus shoved up there sideways causing bleeding out Drumpf’s eyes “or whatever”.


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