Northern Virginia-area police bulk up security in face of potential ISIS threat

Source: The Hill | October 30, 2021 | Caroline Vakil

Police in the Northern Virginia area are bolstering security around Halloween weekend amid a potential threat that could be linked to ISIS, several news outlets reported.

Multiple intelligence and law enforcement sources told ABC News that the threat to shopping centers in the region was linked to intelligence that could be related to ISIS, though an assessment of the information’s credibility was still underway.  

“We have no comment. However, we would remind you the FBI takes all potential threats to public safety seriously and we take all appropriate steps to determine the credibility of any information we receive,” the FBI said in a statement in response to inquiries about the news reports.

Law enforcement from several Virginia counties, including Fairfax County, Arlington County, Loudoun County and Prince William County, said they would be increasing their police presence this weekend, though no officials confirmed reports that a possible threat could be linked to ISIS. 

On Friday, Fairfax County Police Department Chief Kevin Davis told reporters that “information concerning potential public safety impacts” to shopping centers and malls and that they would be increasing security to shopping malls and plazas, thoroughfares, and transit hubs.

He acknowledged that the information they had was limited but emphasized that they needed to act out of an abundance of caution.

“We receive information, sometimes the information we receive is not with great specificity, but we have to respond to it nonetheless,” Davis said.

The Arlington County Police Department issued a statement on Friday calling it a “non-specific, unconfirmed threat.”

Arlington police said that there was no identified or specific threat to their area but noted they would be ramping up security over the weekend.


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    My cousin who lives in Alexandria, VA said there were police all over. Shopping malls, shopping centers and the Metro station near her home were swarming with law enforcement. She even saw some in FBI jackets — not sure where. But she said as of last night, so far, nothing has been found.

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