'Odd Mishmash': Trump's Big Speech Gets Little Love

Source: Newser | 28 Apr 16 | Newser Staff

Donald Trump laid out his “America First” foreign policy ideas in a speech Wednesday, and he didn’t exactly wow the media. Here’s a look at some coverage:

  • Politico talks to “foreign policy insiders” from the left and right and finds that they were unimpressed with what one calls an “odd mishmash.” Overall, he gets a “failing grade for coherence.” Read it here.
  • The New York Times analysis sees a speech with “establishment trappings,” an “insurgent tone,” and “a mélange of ideas that defied Republican and Democratic orthodoxy.”
  • Read the speech for yourself here.
  • The AP conducts a fact-check and finds plenty of Trump’s trademark “truthful hyperbole” going on.
  • The Guardian picks out 10 “inconsistencies” in the speech itself, ranging from Iran to immigration.  
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  • ConstitutionalConservative #5383

    More negative comments from varied other sources at link.

    For those with eyes to see Trump is failing badly at every turn, how is he is winning in votes, thankfully he will lose the delegate count.

    slhancock1948 #5390

    Indiana is my home state. I pray that Pence endorses Cruz and puts Kasich out of the race forever. I know they are next door neighbors, but Kasich is a nut job and even Pence has to see that. He’s lied about his state’s programs and that ought to give Pence the opening to endorse Cruz.

    Come on, Pence…let’s do the right thing.

    I have not lived in Indiana since I graduated HS, to be honest, but my family still lives there. I have lived in NY (where I went to nursing school) VA, AR, Turkey (the country) and Germany before retiring to GA. Now I am working again, in FL, but still living in GA. I wish our state had gone for Cruz, but that was early on and the things about Trump were not so obvious then. There are still a lot of Trump signs out, though. I am buying my house, so I don’t put out a Cruz sign. Cannot afford to have my property defaced. All the others are rentals.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Victoria #5400

    In past years I used to have signs in my yard for candidates, but no more. I am afraid my house would be attacked. We had a tall pole out front with an American flag on it, and last year, the entire pole and flag was taken. We have not put up a new one as that was an expensive set-up and now it is gone. A new one would likely disappear, too.

    I have lived 83 years, and remember when we didn’t lock front or back doors, could park your car and leave the keys in it. That was when most people were Christians, now this country is mostly non-Christians and anything goes. We are out of town now and notified the police before we left. They come by every day and check the front and back yard to make sure the house is still locked, and pick up newspapers thrown in the front yard. We notified the post office and no mail will be delivered to the front mailbox while we are gone.

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