Ohio Voters to Kasich: DROP OUT!

Source: Conservative Review | May 2, 2016 | Chris Pandolfo

A new Public Policy Poll finds Ohio voters want Governor John Kasich to end his campaign for the Republican nomination. 49% of the voters who know Kasich best think he should drop out of the race while 38% think he should remain in the race.

Most Ohioans think Gov. Kasich is wasting his time running for president and believe he should be focused on being the governor of Ohio.


Of the 46 state and territory Republican primaries held thus far, Gov. Kasich has only won in Ohio. Gov. Kasich is in fourth place in the delegate count, behind Marco Rubio who dropped out of the race in March. Under the current rules of the Republican national convention, Gov. Kasich cannot have his name entered into consideration for the nomination because he has failed to win the majority of delegates in eight states.

Ohio voters seem to understand that Kasich will not be the Republican nominee, so why doesn’t the Governor?

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  • Consistent #5619

    EVERYDAY #5620

    Actually, I hope John stays in a while longer– just to irritate Trump and his minions. No secret Trump covets John’s and Ted’s delegates. Don’t let Trump have them. Make him sweat.

    CA Surveyor #5622

    I agree, he does no harm by staying in, and anything that irks Trump is good for America.

    ConstitutionalConservative #5627

    I think he will stay in and I think he could do harm in a state primary where it is winner take all and the margin between Cruz and Trump is narrow.

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