Putin Ordered 2016 Democratic Hack, GOP-Led Panel Concludes

Source: Bloomberg News | August 18, 2020 | Steven T. Dennis

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the 2016 hacking of Democratic Party accounts and the release of emails intended to harm Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded in the final report of its Russia probe, which also found no evidence that President Donald Trump colluded with Moscow.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian effort to hack computer networks and accounts affiliated with the Democratic Party and leak information damaging to Hillary Clinton and her campaign for president,” the bipartisan panel wrote in the report, which was released Tuesday. “Moscow’s intent was to harm the Clinton Campaign, tarnish an expected Clinton presidential administration, help the Trump Campaign after Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, and undermine the U.S. democratic process.”

The committee’s three-year probe found numerous contacts between Trump associates and Russians or people with ties to the Russian government, as well as efforts by Trump to take advantage of the leaks politically. But several Republicans wrote that the committee “did not find evidence of collusion between President Trump and the Russians.”

The report, however, called former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s presence on the team a “grave counterintelligence threat.”


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