Report: Cruz Seeks To Fight For Conservative Platform At Convention

Source: Talking Points Memo | May 9, 2016 | Lauren Fox

According to the Times report, Cruz is already trying to wield influence over the party’s platform, a mostly symbolic document in years past, that could become the clearest depiction of the party’s policy civil war at the convention in July. The Times reported Monday that Cruz surrogate Ken Cuccinelli emailed Cruz backers and delegates Sunday with a message that even if the GOP nominating contest was over, it was “still possible to advance a conservative agenda at the convention.”

Many conservatives within in the Republican Party including House Speaker Paul Ryan have voiced concerns about Trump’s conservative bonafides, but Cruz’s wading into the intricacies of the platform process is the most concrete example yet of how Trump’s party may try to police their nominee’s influence on the its core beliefs. As the Times points out, the Cruz campaign spent heavily on ensuring it won sympathetic delegates around the country, an investment that may not help him get the nomination, but could pay off when the platform committee meets.


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