Sanders And Trump Are The Same Totalitarian Candidate

Source: Daily Wire | February 10, 2016 | Ben Shapiro

On the surface, there’s not much in common between New Hampshire GOP primary winner Donald Trump and Democratic primary winner Bernie Sanders. Trump is a billionaire businessman; Sanders is a career politician. Trump’s personal favorability is the lowest of all candidates on either side; Sanders’ is the highest. But the impulse that drove New Hampshire voters to the polls for Sanders is the same as the impulse that drove them to the polls for Trump: the desire for a powerful authority figure to fix everything using the power of government. In fact, before the New Hampshire primary, CNN reported, “Because independents can register as ‘undeclared’ in New Hampshire and then vote in either party’s primary, the Vermont senator’s campaign has noted some of these voters are wavering between Sanders and Trump.”

There’s a reason for the confusion: Trump and Sanders aren’t that different on policy. Really.

They’re both anti-establishment candidates who bash Wall Street. Here’s Trump from his victory speech last night:

It’s special interests’ money, and this is on both sides. This is on the Republican side, the Democrat side, money just pouring into commercials. These are special interests, folks. These are lobbyists. These are people that don’t necessarily love our country. They don’t have the best interests of the country at heart.

Here’s Sanders from his victory speech last night:

We have sent a message that will echo from Wall Street to Washington, from Maine to California, and that is that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors, and their Super PACs.

Trump and Sanders are on the same page on trade, which they see as a zero sum game at which America is losing. Sanders has described trade with China as “catastrophic” for our economy. Days ago, Trump admitted that he and Sanders mirror each other on the topic: “The one thing we very much agree on is trade. We both agree that we are getting ripped off by China, by Japan, by Mexico, everyone we do business with.”


These are the wages of big government and an unendingly powerful executive branch. Too many people gain too much by its existence to do away with it; too many people want to control the guns and the money to back a true reformer. Every four years we now pick our dictator. It’s just a question of whether that dictator does the stuff you want, or whether you’re his target.

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  • Consistent #825

    This is scary!

    Victoria #838

    Consistent, if Trump or Sanders wins, I will have something to do as I am just starting to learn how to sketch and draw, got the basic items to learn that, and I bought an individual course from National Geographic, DVDs and books included, for an in-depth study of the Old and New Testament.

    We also go on Monday night to our Catholic church where we have a class on great literature taught by a Professor of Literature. We have been through the “Iliad” and “Odyssey” by Homer, “Aeneid” by Virgil, are now starting Dante’s “Devine Comedy”. I have read through the “Inferno” section and there are sins described there that will get your attention. :o)

    I will spend my time doing the above as I cannot listen to Trump, he makes me feel sick and I believe he exhibits the behaviors of a mentally ill individual. I believe he will destroy what is left of this country as he has no plan except to benefit himself. I would not be surprised, if he wins, he would say, “I won”, then go home to Trump Tower. He just wants the win, not the job.

    Sanders earnestly believes he is right to gather money from those who have it and give it to all those he wants to have it. That is idiotic so he is a non mentally ill idiot and a nice man, otherwise, but his plans would also destroy the country.

    My time will be spent better learning as I have done that all my life and I can’t save the country if one of those men wins.

    However, I think we are close to, or in, the end times and perhaps Jesus will return to gather his believers, and we will be gone from here.

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