Sessions makes final plea to New Hampshire voters

Source: Washington Examiner | February 5, 2016 | Anna Giaritelli


Sessions would not choose between Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas or Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida for the man who better embodies conservative immigration views, saying he would endorse a candidate in the future. But, just as Rubio has been gaining in the New Hampshire polls and could be in a position to hit second place, Sessions was quick to criticize Rubio for the role he played in the 2013 Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration bill that passed the Senate but failed in the House.

“We should not nominate somebody who adheres to the views carried out by the Gang of Eight immigration bill,” Sessions warned. He urged listeners to ask Rubio if his about-face on immigration is truly the case or if he would support his original views if he won the White House.

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    Choose wisely, New Hampshire!

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    Considering he is telling Spanish speakers not to worry that amnesty is still in place, and English speakers that he has changed his mind, I’d say that he is outright lying. He is two-faced, not exactly a Christian attitude, which calls it speaking out of both sides of his mouth and for people to be wary of following such a man.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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