Steve Deace's Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Source: Steve Deace's Facebook | August 6, 2016 | Steve Deace

Saw Suicide Squad and I thought they nailed it. I really have no idea what the critics are complaining about. Though I loved Batman V. Superman (particularly the extended cut), I can see the flaws others are talking about. But as I watched this film I couldn’t see what people were complaining about at all. Even our family, which was deeply divided on BvS, was unified in loving Suicide Squad.

The first hour, in particular, does a masterful job of introducing the backstory of each of these villains. Including some cool super hero cameos.

Margot Robbie steals the show as Harley Quinn, which is to be expected, but not far behind her is Viola Davis. Who perfectly brings Amanda Waller to life. She’s the Nick Fury of the DC universe, and she more than does the character justice. Jared Leto is a creepy Joker, too, although he’s in the movie less than you’d expect. Will Smith embodies the morally conflicted Deadshot as well.

As far as kids are concerned, this movie loves the “s” word and there may be some scary parts for really little ones.

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