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Source: Steve Deace's Facebook | August 23, 2016 | Steve Deace

My response to Laura Ingraham accusing Ted Cruz and conservatives of “constitution worship.”

Article on Laura Ingraham’s website accuses Ted Cruz and others of “constitution worship.” Says we can’t follow the Constitution because of man’s fallibility so we should follow Trump instead.

This is the foolishness cults produce.

First of all, if you’re making an argument based on the fallibility of man, don’t have your solution be FOLLOWING A MAN. I’m a total depravity type of guy, so I’m all in on the fallibility of man. The fallibility of man required the law and sacrificial atonement for sin in the Old Testament, and a Savior for our sins in the New Testament.

Politically this is why I oppose “I alone can solve” authoritarians like Trump and big government progressives like Hillary. Because the underlying current of each strain of thought is somehow the same fallibility that’s inherent to the rest of us doesn’t affect those in charge of government. That somehow they have evolved to a higher plain of existence, and thus been absolved of their fallibility. When I think the history of both Trump and Clinton proves the exact opposite is true without a reasonable doubt.

Therefore, we advocate for constitutional limited government BECAUSE OF MAN’S FALLIBILITY. We see any concentrations of power as dubious at best, because more people in charge means more fallibility, which is bad news for the rest of us. The best earthly antidote to man’s fallibility is a system that relies on competition and individual liberty to help us offset each of our own fallibility we bring to the table.

Second, the Constitution may be an inspired document, but it is not a sacred one. Seeking to follow its original intent doesn’t mean you’re worshiping it. Especially in the case of someone like Cruz, who seeks to amend it in places. If you’re trying to amend the Constitution by definition, then, you’re not worshiping it. People don’t seek to amend their idols, they bow down to them.

Like Laura Ingraham has with Trump.

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    Few men are as fallible as Trump.

    He thinks he can address problems with bombast.

    Laura loves blowhards.

    slhancock1948 #9510

    Isn’t it interesting that only a couple years ago both Coulter & Ingraham were bad-mouthing Palin, but now they are all worshipping the same golden idol?

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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