"Ted Cruz is a Globalist" – Yeah, I'm the Tooth Fairy!

Source: Trevor Loudon's New Zeal Blog | 7 March, 2016 | Trevor

Occasionally I get criticism for my support of Senator Ted Cruz. Why would you back Cruz they say… he’s a “globalist”… he wants to destroy US sovereignty.

There are legitimate grounds to criticize the Senator from Texas (none of us are perfect), but “globalism” is not one of them.

Here is then plain old Mr. Cruz from 2012 explaining the perils of Agenda 21 and detailing some of his battles to protect US sovereignty.

Here he is again calling out the the true “globalists” of the Council on Foreign Relations for what they are… a pit of vipers. Yes, I know that Heidi Cruz was a member for a time… but then so have been many patriotic Americans such as late Washington Times editor Arnaud de Borchgrave. The CFR is certainly an insidious organization at heart, but most members are good folks who join to meet influential people, out of curiosity, vanity, to learn about policy, or to advance their careers. I’m more concerned that Heidi Cruz is reportedly a VEGETARIAN, than the fact she was once a CFR member.

During her tenure with the CFR, Heidi Cruz has been criticized for her work on CFR projects promoting the anti-sovereignty North American Union. Heidi Cruz’s contribution to this project consisted of advocating for free markets.

There is no doubt what Ted Cruz thinks of the CFR and I’m betting that Heidi Cruz’s current views aren’t much different.

Name me one other serving Senator, with the exception of Alabama’s heroic Jeff Sessions, who has done as much to protect US sovereignty as Ted Cruz.

For more thorough debunking of Ted Cruz globalism myths go here and here.

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  • slhancock1948 #2306

    They are getting desperate now! Because Heidi Cruz worked for Goldman Sachs, she is accused of being on the CFR. She stated some time back that she was asked to write a policy paper ONCE for GS, but was not a member of the CFR. But the naysayers won’t accept that!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    EVERYDAY #2323

    Thank you for posting this piece. I’ve had an assortment of Trumpbots and others repeating this globalist nonsense over and over. These individuals subscribe to Alex Jones and his infowars website, among other looney conspiracy websites and they have beern pushing this in emails and social meda for ages.

    Regarding Heidi Cruz and her employment at Goldman Sachs: I keep asking these hysterical trolls just what crime has Mrs. Cruz been arrested for, tried and convicted. Of course, the answer is “none,” but these people have this insane hatred and mistrust for major financial institutions — even though I’ll bet most of them at one time or another had a savings account, 401k, mortgage, car loan, credit card or some other consumer dealing with one or more of these financial institutions.

    This hatred and mistrust is largely a liberal/socialist thing, which makes me suspect most of Trump’s supporters are liberal/socialists, not conservatives. And that includes the Trumpbots on FR.

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