Ted Cruz is a night owl — and mornings are not his friend

Source: Washington Post | February 17, 2016 | Katie Zezima

Ted Cruz is not a morning person.

There are the emails with the 1 a.m. time stamp, dinners that start when some people go to bed and meetings that stretch late into the night. Don’t expect to see him bright and early on the campaign trail — in a field of GOP presidential candidates where 8 a.m. events happen with some regularity, Cruz starts late in the morning, often clutching a cup of coffee.

Cruz is a “night owl,” his wife Heidi says, telling voters her husband shares nocturnal tendencies with his mother.

“When he comes home from the campaign trail, they’re often in the living room talking late, late into the night” over tea, she said last month.

For her birthday in August, Heidi Cruz said, her husband got back from campaigning in the evening and took her to dinner after 11 p.m., when he “should have been sleeping.”


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    Ted Cruz mentioned in his book, A Time for Truth, that when George W. Bush called him to discuss his policy plan for the 2000 election at 6 am, he had just gone to bed 3 hours earlier.

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