Ted Cruz OBLITERATES Trump in Pennsylvania ‘Leadership Conference’ Straw Poll!!

Source: The Right Scoop | April 3, 2016 | soopermexican


  • Ted Cruz 247
  • Marco Rubio 16
  • Ben Carson 4
  •  Jeb Bush 2
  • Donald Trump 52
  • John Kasich 51
  • I’m writing someone in 9


By the percentages, Cruz got 64.83 percent, Donald Trump is at 13.65 percent, and John Kasich is right behind him with 13.38 percent. That’s a YUUUGE lead for Ted!!

Now of course, this is just among 381 people who voted in this straw poll at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference – but it shows what conservative activists want, even if it’s not necessarily representative of Republicans or the greater electorate in Pennsylvania.


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  • Consistent #3693

    rodamala #3694

    Isn’t it odd how the FR daily caucus poll is so far misaligned from conservative straw polls?

    Victoria #3707

    That is really good news, I thought Penn. was lost to him. Thanks for this post.

    rodamala #3713

    PA is a closed primary… but news reports are stating (fact or fiction? YOU DECIDE!) that voting registrars have processed over 100,000 party affiliation changes across the state.

    Having just registering to vote for the first time in PA last Monday (voter registration card showed up in the mail on Friday), I can state that the voter registration application in this commonwealth is an absolute JOKE.

    They accept the form online, and on that form they request a PA driver licence or PA-DOT identification number… but if you don’t have one, THAT’S OK! Just give us the last 4 digits of your SSN.

    At the polls, all you have to do is show a utility bill with your name and address on it.

    I registered in person, and even though I have been a PA law breaker in keeping my NJ Driver License active for the 5 years since I had moved here (works to my advantage to keep my diesel vehicles registered in NJ because NJ no longer requires State Inspection of diesel vehicles older than a certain year).

    Anyways, the registrar did look briefly at my NJ DL, just for the photo ID to confirm my picture… but online that verification wouldn’t happen, and Paco Gonzalez, with his stolen SSN, would be registered to vote too.

    Victoria #3715

    Rodamala, when you registered on line, what entity was that? Was it at your Secretary of State website, Elections Division? Or where?

    rodamala #3716

    Rodamala, when you registered on line, what entity was that? Was it at your Secretary of State website, Elections Division? Or where?

    I registered in person… but here is the link to the online voter registration…


    Looking at it again, even if you don’t have a SSN, you can just check off the box saying you don’t have one of those as well.

    Victoria #3717

    OK, there is a reason why you had to register at the Secretary of State’s Election Division website and I thought it would have to be there if you registered on line. Counties do not have authority to check your name and any ID against state records, including social security, birth certificates, driver’s license, Medicare, Medicaid, etc., to see if you are a citizen and who you say you are. The Secretary of State does have that authority. They check those records against your application to determine if you are a citizen. and if any number/ID you give is actually you. You would be turned down for voter registration if the info. you gave did not match what they have or it shows you are not a citizen. Then, you also have to show a valid ID with picture when you go to vote.

    You see, there is a system of checks, it’s just you did not know the system. So, feel better about voter registration and voting in your state. :o)

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