Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Questioned: Serious Doubts Arise Over Claims Cruz Had Mis..

Source: Inquisitr News | March 27, 2016 | Nathan Francis

Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Questioned: Serious Doubts Arise Over Claims Cruz Had Mistresses

The Ted Cruz sex scandal may be nothing of the sort, some journalists are beginning to say after the seemingly bombshell story hit the news this week.

On Friday, the National Enquirer reported that Cruz had been something of a ladies man in Washington, with five different mistresses. It appeared to be a major story, especially given Cruz’s strong Christian faith and his seemingly strong morals.

But there very quickly appeared to be cracks in the story, and now many journalists are going on record to raise doubts that any of it might be true. The most immediate denials came from two of the women identified in the story, Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson and CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter.


“So, overall: those of you hyping #CruzSexScandal are pushing a smear against 5 innocent woman,” Grieder tweeted. “That’s pathetic & you should be ashamed.”

Despite the initial bombshell of the allegations, many political pundits believe that Ted Cruz may escape the news of his alleged sex scandal largely unscathed, especially amid growing doubts about the story’s veracity. Many media outlets have declined the chance to dig deeper, and Politico even posed the rhetorical question if voters should care, concluding largely that even a real sex scandal should not have too much bearing on the race.

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    I hope that this backfires on The Donald. He has set himself up as some kind of god. He is a wretch that doesn’t know he needs the Real God to redeem his soul.

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