The Millennial Case For Ted Cruz

Source: Townhall | February 29, 2016 | Katie Kieffer

Given a choice between Trump, Cruz or Rubio—for whom will Millennials vote? The answer to this question is key to making the best strategic decision on Super Tuesday. Because Millennials determined the past two presidential elections.

Sen. Ted Cruz stands out for his ability to steal independent young swing voters away from Hillary Clinton and win the White House. Let me explain.

Hello from the other side


Hillary has a monopoly on angry grandmothers. She struggles with Millennials, especially young and unmarried women—America’s largest and most powerful voting cohort that helped Obama win 16 primaries and the White House.

 Trump has the same Millennial problem. “I won in every single category!” he boasted after the Nevada primary. Except Millennials. They don’t trust him. I’ll get to Rubio’s trust problem with Millennials, especially Hispanic Millennials, in a moment.

Vote for a winner

Polls show that Hillary beats Trump in a general election. On the other hand, Cruz beats Hillary in a general election.

Hillary and Trump are both suspect in the eyes of Millennials because they are flip-floppers, elite “one percenters,” and have fraud cases looming over their heads.


Hispanic Millennials are listening

During last Thursday’s GOP debate, a Latina moderator from Telemundo named Maria Celeste Arrarás made an important point: Hispanics have been listening closely to Cruz and Rubio and they’ve noticed that Rubio is inconsistent.


Democrats will always outdo us in terms of offering freebies. Our best hope is to outdo them on trust. Neither Trump nor Rubio can outdo Clinton on trust. Cruz can.

Change we can believe in


He’s a 45-year-old Texas cowboy. When another junior senator of Cuban descent saddled up with the Democrats, he donned his spurs and mounted wild bulls like amnesty, ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood—without getting bucked.

He’s no reality TV star. His children are not reality TV stars. His wife is not a QVC TV star. He never went bankrupt and called himself a “mogul.” He never built a strip club and called it a “great company.” He never left the Republican Party—twice—and called himself “Ronald Reagan.” He never said “I like the [ObamaCare] mandate.” He didn’t get attention by calling George W. Bush a terrorist. He has held the same stance on immigration since 2010.

My generation of Millennial swing voters is 95 million strong. Let me be clear: the Millennial vote determined the past two presidential elections. Consistency helped Obama seem more reliable than Romney. We can’t afford to nominate another unreliable flip-flopper by pretending he’s “electable.”


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  • Consistent #1795

    Go red with Ted. He’s the best prescription for beating eight years of losing blues.

    slhancock1948 #1805

    I was pleased to see that Ted did well in SC with millennials. That is good! I’m hoping that a lot of them turn out in these SEC states and vote for Ted tomorrow. They don’t know how much we are depending on THEM to carry the day and help us take America back. Before we can make America great again, we have to make an effort to get her manageable again…which means going back to smaller government and making some necessary, but hard, decisions. Since this voting block is going to bear the brunt of our decisions today, they need to step up and be counted on to do the right thing.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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