The Propaganda Network Behind Trump’s Bizarre Tabloid Charges

Source: Accuracy in Media | May 5, 2016 | Cliff Kincaid

Until Tuesday, political observers thought Donald J. Trump got information about foreign affairs from the Sunday shows. Then we learned that he had relied on an unsubstantiated story in the National Enquirer for the facts about the assassination of John F.Kennedy.

The charges were classic Russian disinformation. These had a double purpose—taking attention away from the communist conspiracy that actually murdered President Kennedy, and transferring the notoriety to Trump’s political opponent in the U.S. presidential race.

The attack on Cruz’s father, publicized by Trump on the Fox News Channel, was taken directly from the National Enquirer but has also been transmitted by a series of outlets known to be part of Moscow’s global propaganda apparatus, and some lesser-known left-wing, or “progressive,” sites. One name that figures prominently in several of the reports and who apparently “broke” the story is Wayne Madsen, who claims all kinds of high-level intelligence connections. Until the Cruz story, his main claim to fame was being the source for a story in the Globe—another supermarket tabloid—which alleged that President George W. Bush was having an extramarital affair with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

A regular contributor to the Russia Today and Iranian Press TV propaganda channels, Madsen has also alleged that Barack Obama and/or his family members had CIA connections. He highlights the work of his grandmother in his bio, calling her “a newspaper reporter and editor for Land og Folk as well as a novelist.” Land og Folk was a Danish language communist newspaper. One of Madsen’s admitted journalism icons is I.F. Stone, exposed as a Soviet agent of influence.


Trump’s sympathizers saw Cruz as a real conservative whose views made him a foreign policy realist, committed to Ronald Reagan’s vision of peace-through-strength. By contrast, Trump wants to make deals with Moscow and pull back from American support for NATO and U.S. allies in Europe and Asia. With Cruz out of the way, it doesn’t seem to matter much to Moscow whether Trump or Hillary Clinton wins in November. Either way, the Russians and their surrogates stand to make more aggressive moves in Europe and the Middle East.

Here are some of the titles, sources and dates of how the phony story appeared in various outlets, beginning with Madsen:


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