The Trump Purges Begin at the RNC

Source: The Resurgent | May 5, 2016 | Erick Erickson

A directive from on high has come down at the RNC. Those who cannot back Trump need to pack up and get out by the end of the week.

….. Republican outside groups are going to start going through this. State parties will go through this. Eventually, conservative organizations will start going through this. We are already seeing the Trump madness spread to Eagle Forum. Just wait.

The Republican Party is now a post-Reagan and post-Bush party. The Bush family has decided to sit it out. Trump’s supporters may be blocked by the RNC from taking over the party, but those who are not Trump’s picks will be forced to publicly pledge loyalty to him.

Let the purges begin.

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  • Consistent #5761

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    Just like FR, eh?

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    ConstitutionalConservative #5768

    Nothing left for us to do buy sit back and watch the show, we might as well enjoy it, it is the only show in town. I hope it gets bloody and they tare the whole damn thing down the RNC and all things republican is an irreparable lost cause.

    CA Surveyor #5772

    Sorry, but this article makes no sense at all.

    The anti-Trump forces are still the majority.

    Can’t see how Trump can pick anything at all.

    The convention can even release the first ballot delegates if they choose to do so. (why would they not do so?) Trump has been proven to be a Soros candidate, and thus must be ditched without discussion.

    Victoria #5776

    I have looked and cannot find where staffers at the RNC have been told to support Trump or leave at the end of the week. Trump can’t fire them so it would have to be Prebius (sp) firing them – I can’t find that.

    By the way, I am never, ever, voting for screwball Trump. He is a freak and belongs in a circus for people to stare at his orange self and his small hands and his bare head.

    Consistent #5783

    One former RNC staff member tells RedState that they “can totally imagine a meeting where they say, Trump is the nominee, we work for him now, if anyone has a problem with that, they shouldn’t be here anymore.” The former staffer explains that when you work for the RNC, you have a job to do promoting GOP candidates, and that people have to be prepared to do that. “It sounds like a juicy story,” they add, “but it just makes sense.”

    Another former member RNC employee agrees. “The reason it exists is to fund and elect republican nominees. It’s their sole purpose.” But this person added a caveat.

    “It was never really an issue before, but in this case it makes sense. The problem comes when your republican nominee is actually a democrat. You might have to have a conversation. It’s one thing if someone has a problem with, like, Romneycare. But it’s another thing when the nominee disagrees with every single major Republican platform. You’re asking people who went to work to elect Republicans to start working every day to elect a man who is, on paper, a Democrat.”

    Victoria #5785

    Consistent, thanks for that info. So, it is two staffers who used to work there who “think” that might happen, but it hasn’t. They have not been told to quit by Trump or Reince Priebus. If some staffers cannot bear to work there since Trump is the candidate, then they keep doing the work because they need the job, or they quit. I doubt they will quit.

    Staffers are hired. The Republican National Committee is not hired. They are made up of a woman and a man from each state and our possessions and they are elected at each state’s state convention. I am sure bunches of them are not Trump people. No one can do anything to them and they can vote however they want in running the national party. They are also the ones who elect the chairman of the party.

    Now, Trump could have a person of his choosing run for chairman but the members do not have to elect him. They can keep Priebus if they want if Priebus runs.

    kleindropper #5792

    Looks to me like the Republican party is a lost cause at least for the next 6 months. So 60%-70% of the party will leave prior to the election, and when Trump gets throttled in November the lazy Trumpsters will give up and leave.

    Seems to me a good rebuild could start right after this election, which is why it’s good to keep tabs on who went with the liberal fascist and who stood by their conservative principles.

    Victoria #5795

    Senator Lindsey Graham just said he will NOT vote for Trump.
    The Party could get itself together as you said IF Trump loses the general election. If he wins the election, he will entirely destroy the Party as he takes no prisoners in his grab for Kingship and more money to add to his wealth. I would bet he intends for HIS company to build the freaking wall and that is more money to add to his stack.

    Consistent #5797

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