The Truth About How Sean Hannity Covers Donald Trump

Source: thinkprogress | April 22, 2016 | Judd Legum

A few days ago, I reviewed all of Hannity’s interviews with Donald Trump since he announced his campaign last June. My conclusion: the dozens of interviews Hannity gave Trump amounted to “a serialized infomercial spanning nearly an entire year.”


Hannity is also particularly sensitive about a claim that the original piece never made: that Trump got more time on his show than other candidates. He insisted that all candidates were given “equal time” and he had no preferences. (This was likely in response to supporters of Ted Cruz who circulated my original piece.)

This, however, is not true. From the time each campaign announced their candidacy to the end of March, Trump has appeared of Hannity’s prime time show more often than any other candidate and, more importantly, has spent hours longer on air than any other candidate.

Over the duration of the primary season, Trump has appeared on Hannity’s TV show for over three hours longer than Ted Cruz, according to data Media Matters compiled for ThinkProgress:

Sean Hannity Interviews without Repeats on TV


Sean Hannity Repeat Interviews on TV


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    rodamala #4988

    Yesterday Hannity’s narrative was that Cruz has been given the most time. Right.

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    I wonder if Hannity and Levin still speak?

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    Consistent, any ideas on why that tweet didn’t show up as an image?

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    Consistent, any ideas on why that tweet didn’t show up as an image?

    I found a better way to get the URL.

    Do you see 3 dots at the bottom of each tweet?

    Click on it, pick “Copy link to Tweet” and paste it in the comment.

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