Trump aide accuses Cruz of 'Gestapo tactics' in delegate race

Source: Washington Examiner | April 10, 2016 | Rudy Takala

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is using “Gestapo tactics” to win delegates leading up to the party’s national convention, Donald Trump’s convention manager charged on Sunday.

“He’s threatening. You go to these county conventions, and you see the tactics, Gestapo tactics, the scorched-earth tactics,” Trump aide Paul Manafort told host Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”


“[If] they don’t get what they want, they blow up,” Manafort said of the Cruz campaign. “It’s not my style, and it’s not Donald Trump’s style. But it is Ted Cruz’s style. And that’s going to wear thin very fast.”


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    Manafort is projecting. He used to work for Putin’s cronies.

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    Of course, he knows it will get kicked around by the media. He’s a new face, so he can say these things about Cruz, but hopefully, the delegates will fight back and vote Cruz.

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