Trump telling aides to look at potential spending cuts if he wins reelection: report

Source: The Hill | July 20, 2019 | Tal Axelrod

President Trump is reportedly telling aides to prepare for significant budget cuts should he win reelection, marking a reversal of the sizeable spending the White House has directed since he took office.

Five people briefed on the discussions told The Washington Post that the administration will be better positioned to reduce spending and shrink or completely scrap certain agencies starting in 2021, especially if Republicans win back the House. 

However, the cost-cutting goal for a potential second-term is thrusting uncertainty into how to tackle current negotiations with House Democrats on crafting a budget and lifting the debt ceiling, the newspaper reported.

Trump, who was once a vociferous critic of raising the debt ceiling without concessions, is now calling to lift the limit to allow more spending and borrowing, saying it’s a “sacred thing in our country” that shouldn’t be used to negotiate


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  •  Consistent #30750

    What stops you from doing it now?

     EVERYDAY #30754

    Exactly. He’s had three years to do it. But instead he has spent more.

    Here’s a start, Donnie: How about no more campaign rallies disguised as a Fourth of July salute to America? And speaking of rallies, how about staying home once in a while and actually working, instead of going on your rock stat tours? You can also cut out those schmoozes with you BFFs, Putin and Kim too.

    Better yet, Donnie: Don’t run for re-election. When your term is up, go home to New York or one of your resorts or wherever. Stay out of the White house. And take your alleged “advisers” (the grown kids and the son-in-law) with you. Your whole family is one big waste of money.

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