Trumps Cancer Spreads to Fox News

Source: Conservative Review | 4.2.2016 | Steve Deace

Here lies Fox News, formerly known as the definitive standard-bearer for conservative media. Born: 1996. Died: 2016. Cause of death: Shilling for Donald Trump. 


Of course, it’s still the king of cable news, owning the top 14 slots in the ratings. But that isn’t a high bar. While its 2.7 million primetime viewers seems like a lot, that’s less than 2% of the total people that voted in the below-average-turnout 2012 presidential election.

If I wanted to, I could just spend the entire day retweeting and responding to complaints about Fox’s bias from conservatives. And this goes back several cycles. Since 2008, I have been inundated with conservatives who think Fox is trying to pick the GOP nominee. In 2012, GOP presidential candidates and former Fox News employees Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum both openly accused the network of being an arm of the Mitt Romney campaign (the documentary “Mitt” even depicted Karl Rove coordinating with the campaign while he was on the air with Fox on election night). 

This go-around these howls have escalated to a crescendo. Many of the people in my industry won’t say anything about it, though, because it’s considered the crème de la crème in conservative media to be ingratiated into the Fox family. The title “Fox News Contributor” carries with it great prestige among the brethren. Thus, I could be planting my own ambitions in the grave right alongside Fox’s integrity. But that’s never stopped me before, and if this primary has proven one thing it’s that too many folks in our movement are out for prestige and prosperity more so than principle. 

Ted Cruz’s wife is exhibit A for that phenomenon. No sooner was she maligned by Trump in a child-like social media spasm of “Who’s Hotter?” than did a Fox News mob of Trump jock sniffers circle the wagons with lies and false equivalencies.

That’s essentially what Sean Hannity, for example, was apologizing for when he tweeted out more than a week ago that “earlier I said a pro-Cruz PAC pushed the Melania (Trump) ad. Incorrect, the group has no affiliation with Cruz and as I said, Cruz condemned it.” 

Sometimes you say and do crazy things like rush to judgment when you get too close to a cult. That may include watching a 70-year-old man tweet hateful spam about his political rival’s charming and accomplished wife from his billionaire basement in the middle of the night, and then calling it “fair and balanced” to defend it as a rational response to imaginary facts.

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  • slhancock1948 #3585

    No surprise here. Really. I’m certain that Trump has given their ratings a boost, and I just wonder what will happen if he loses the nomination? Or, he loses to Hillary? When you realize that a lot of his supporters are democrats, why are they saying that they’d support Hillary over Trump? (Wake up Trumpanzees! This is not working to your favor!)

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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