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  • Myself6 #4346

    This is a total vanity but I need to say this.

    These days…

    Have me questioning things I thought were a given. Perhaps it my own fault for being too trusting of those I thought were my ideological “brothers in arms”. I mean, Im not naive (or I certainly hope not), I always have a healthy suspicion for the leftist trolls who pretend to be on our side just to throw bombs when it would do the most damage. I think Ive even badgered a few that were actually innocent of this offense. But these days…

    I cant reconcile the the fact that Trump is an OBVIOUS liberal “Troll” and he is being supported by folks who ARE intelligent enough to KNOW he is a Troll. From TV, to print to internet to radio… A lot of the folks who claim to be conservative / libertarian who support the D-bag I fully expected because I long ago came to terms with the ideological ineptitude (hannity, coulter, orielly, etc) but now… Now Im being forced to reevaluate the honesty, ethics and in some cases SANITY of some folks / organizations I never expected I would have to question.
    From Brietbart (Trumpbart), to Jim Robinson at TrumpRepublic and Rush EFFIN Limbaugh among others…

    Things that have happened that I never thought would:
    1. I “self banned” from FR because I couldn’t stand the trump idiots any longer
    2. I view FR as a HOSTILE enemy and on the side of liberalism now. (mind blown)
    3. Jim Robinson has either totally lost his emmer effen mind or is tied up in a basement somewhere.
    4. I view the late Andrew Brietbarts website as another HOSTILE enemy and on the side of liberalism. (WTF?!)
    5. I hate to think Ill of the dead but I am NOW wondering if Andrew Brietbart was a complete effing FAKE as well. Didn’t he help launch Drudge (Trump propaganda) AND the huffington post (progressive idiots)?
    6. More stuff that im not going to list…

    Im not incapable of dealing with this, I just never thought I would have to. I knew the enemy (those against real individual freedom) were pervasive through our society but I never truly grasped how FAR they reached into “our” side. Now I know. How did these people fool me for so long? Or how did they become corrupted?

    Now I know who NEVER to trust nor rely on for anything, ever. JR is probably the most heart breaking because of the years I spent on FR. But, EFF it! NO ONE is above the cause, not JR not Rush, not ANYONE… Screw em.. they made their choice. Out of stupidity, greed or ideology.. I don’t care. Now Im ALL about making sure they keep effing LOSING.

    Also looking forward to supporting the Ryan challenger in his upcoming primary. There is another SOB who has lied to my face, in person. It will be truly rewarding to make that bastard sweat out his primary.

    Myself6 #4347

    heh.. i must have messed that up. looks like the post is blank. or I put it somewhere i dont have the rights to put it. OR as a free member I cant post a topic.

    either way… can someone let me know what to do about this? or just delete the topic. 🙂

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    kleindropper #4349

    Andrew Breitbart: “Of course he’s (Trump) not a conservative”

    Myself6 #4351

    hmm.. so. did it actually post? and i just cant see it? lol

    rodamala #4352

    I hear ya, brother. We all hear ya.

    I guess the way I look at it is that when it comes down to it, people are ignorant and lazy. They would rather someone else prepare a message for them on their nightly news and belong to one side or the other without having to actually own the responsibility for being on the side on an issue.


    Lesson learned is be careful who you form “contracts” with and be careful of the expectations you have in those “contracts”. I sense a lot of disappointment in RimJob from you… he is not some hero… He is just a dude with no legs in a wheelchair that has a coven of crones encircling him that work the streets like gypsy kids pumping $88,000 into his bank account every quarter.

    ConstitutionalConservative #4353

    Your post was displayed correctly and fully, feel free to elaborate on item #6 then that could turn into writing a lengthy book, the material is endless.

    It is all very frustrating the liberals have done a good job of infiltrating some conservative forums and I agree I never thought it would happen to FR especially so abruptly. It has gotten to the point were instead of forums separating the wheat from chaff, they took the attitude of if you can’t beat em, join em.

    FR is very disappointing it has become a ship of fools, like you we all have invested a great deal of time, energy and financial resources over many years just to see it taken over by idiots, it is beyond being set aright it can only be abandoned. I’m glad Conservative Circle was developed although it is just beginning to grow it will in due time become a powerhouse for Constitutional Conservatives.

    In hindsight I can see one big problem at FR that was the constant over the top endless reverent worship of JR, it was often beyond ridicules, such a foundation was bound to crumble.

    slhancock1948 #4356

    Well, to start off with, Andrew Breitbart did not trust Trump, and made an issue that a Trump presidency would be bad for America. His news site was NOT up before his death, so it’s hard to know for sure, but I’d wager that he’s turning over in his grave with Breitbart News going full Trump. Andrew was a conservative democrat, who saw the light and realized Trump was no conservative way back.

    Steven K. Bannon is the EC of Breitbart News and I had not heard his name before Andrew’s death.

    As for the rest of them, they have all sold out for their 30 pieces of silver. I am still upset with Phyllis Schafly for not coming out to denounce Trump and his antics, but then, like I stated the other day, she is influenced by Palin.

    I think what we are seeing is the separation of the real from the fake conservative. The republican party is called the conservative party but we all know that as a whole it is far from that now. I think the conservative base is being destroyed, actually, and intentionally, by Trump.

    For their part in this, the above-mentioned will forever go down in the annals of history as the traitors they are.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    kleindropper #4366

    Yes I can see it.

    Myself6 #4367

    Yeah? I still cant see it. just the responses. maybe my browser?

    I AM disappointed with JRob. I mean, I never thought he was a great intellect or anything. Just a fellow squid and brother in arms against the socialists. He built a website that was useful to the cause and I respected that. Nothing more nothing less.

    Same thing for all the other people and organizations I used to respect. That have since lost their effing minds.

    I wonder if we ever find out why?

    Myself6 #4368

    The character limitation in these posts is KILLING me!

    But i guess freeloaders cant be choosers. 😉

    slhancock1948 #4371

    Another comment I’ll make to our whole group in light of the current events is this: We should know and understand that ultimately this is spiritual warfare. Our Enemy is winning, as we see it. However, our own Precious Savior informed us that things would get like this before His return, so take comfort in the fact that there is nothing that is not in His control. I DO feel that WE can make a difference through our prayers to influence and change things, if only for a season. Such as…if Cruz were to win, I would see it that God’s hand of judgment would be temporarily stayed. Judgment will still come, but because the people chose a good leader, God would allow a stay of judgment, like Israel was given with good kings.

    Should Trump win, we sill see God’s judgment quickly coming, as we will have chosen an ungodly man over a true believer, one God could’ve worked through. To me, this is the real test of this election. Will we choose a flawed, but godly man who we know to be a true believer, and is one who we know will do his best to uphold the Constitution, or will we choose to follow the Pied Piper into who knows what, but WE know to be an immoral abyss. Trump will not even use the words Jesus Christ. He does not acknowledge God’s existence. He has set himself up as equal to God, always an antichrist omen. He is NOT the antichrist, but he is akin to him.

    This is the reason I beg us to kneel daily before our Father in Heaven and ask that it possibly be His will to give us Ted Cruz as our president. We know it would be a come-from-behind victory, not a big super-win. That’s not God’s way often. This is not the 1980s. God does things His way so that He gets the glory, not man. So, if we put our full trust in Him, we might possibly win, even without the once-conservative crusaders being on our side. All we really need is God.

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    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    EVERYDAY #4379

    If nothing else, this election has revealed who the real conservatives are. It’s been disappointing to realize that those I thought were good, decent God-fearing conservatives are just like the godless, socialist Democrat thugs. But at least now I know.

    I asked sometime back when this site was first set up — would anyone here go back to FR if Trump fizzled out or was defeated and the site went back to its old ways. Every day I’m more and more convinced I won’t be going back. I can’t trust anyone there anymore.

    mostlyhomebound #4381

    stump, like obama before it, IS God’s judgment on our nation for turning from him.

    silver pines #4388

    Myself, welcome to you.

    I know exactly how you feel. There have been purges every time an election rolls around, but this time I knew it would be the Constitutional conservatives who got the shaft, and I knew I would have to make my decision—leave, or be zotted?

    I chose to leave because I refuse to give the Branch Trumpidians any entertainment, and Jim Rob any excuse to scrounge sympathy.

    I personally think the only explanation for the lunacy is a spiritual delusion. IMO, God has put two potential leaders before us…one a Godly man, the other a profane bag of sleaze. Those who picked the sleazebag have been given over to their choice. For me, this is the only thing that can explain Robinson’s complete 180 from “Cruz is a patriot and a wonderful man” to “Cruz is a POS” (yes, he said that) and “he has no HONORABLE path to the nomination.”

    When you see Freepers saying that Cruz is as leftwing as Obama, or when they openly wish death on other Freepers and their CHILDREN, you know it’s dark, and you know it’s madness.

    Once you get used to being away from FR, you’ll find the air is better, and not only due to the absence of Trumpanzees. Here, there’s no groupthink, no yapping shrews who descend on anyone who deviates from the official FR theology.

    That kind of thing makes me wonder if FR was always kind of nuts.

    Victoria #4392

    Myself6 and all:

    I saw the beginning of JR going down last fall when vile language was permitted by new Trump people. It was a fast slide from there. Then, Freepers I thought were friends, began bashing me for being for Cruz. I was not one who used bad language or was nasty to posters, so this was most unusual for those “friends” to do that to me.

    I came across an article, “America Under A Strong Delusion” written by Andy Woods on February 19, 2016, that explained what I think has happened to America, which explains what happened to FR and all the other changes of people we are witnessing.

    It is a long article – I copied it and saved it. This part of it gets to the guts of what has happened:

    ” We see the same type of judgment predicted for the end times as people will be given over to a spirit of delusion that will cause them to embrace the antichrist. Second Thessalonians 2:11–12 says, “For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.”

    We have a “deluding influence so that they will believe what is false”. This is the only explanation I find for so many people changing right in front of us. Their characters/personality is not what they used to be.

    Now, this man began writing a political piece, but he could not keep it just political as he couldn’t explain either why people could not see the difference in Cruz and Trump. He is just like us. He had to go spiritual and do study to write that piece.

    “…in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.” Friends, it may be we are part of the Christians who can see the truth and the others can’t because they are not believers in God, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I don’t wish divine judgement on anyone, but there has to be a reason for so many people being blinded to the truth and turning on us (and people like us) with extreme hatred.

    I am at the point to say, “Lord, come quickly.”

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