Video Proof of Trump Asking Democrats to Vote in Republican Primaries

Source: The Conservative Papers | 2 March, 2016 | Kalal

This is incredible!  Trump knows he cannot win the Republican nomination for Presidentby just having Republicans vote for him.

Therefore, he is requesting that Democrats and Independents change their party affiliation ahead of the primaries in time to vote for Trump.

This is the reason why Ted Cruz is beating Trump in closed primaries, but losing to Trump in the open primaries.  Democrats and Independents are coming out and voting for Trump in the open primaries.  Since Florida is a closed primary, Trump made sure that Democrats switched their party affiliation to Republican so that they can vote for him.

Republicans and conservatives want Cruz to be our nominee.  Why are we letting the Democrats pick their opposition to Hillary Clinton?  Do we really want to make it that easy for Clinton to be President?

Here is video proof of this action taking place:


Donald J. Trump

Florida: You must be registered Republican by February 16th to vote TRUMP in the Florida primary. The registration form must be mailed or hand delivered to your nearest elections office. Watch Ivanka Trump explain how simple the process is.

Florida Registration Form:

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  • slhancock1948 #1993

    Too bad this was not posted for us to see a few weeks earlier. I wonder if this has not been going on at most of the primaries and Caucuses. I’m not saying that we are not seeing record number of republicans vote, but I’ve had suspicions for weeks now that these are a lot of democrats voting to make sure we don’t get Ted Cruz. I’m pretty sure that many of them will not vote for Trump if he is the winner. They do this all the time….help vote in the most democrat of the republicans and then there is no real choice any longer.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    rodamala #2017

    20,000 Massachusetts Democrats switched parties to vote for Drumpf.

    I wonder how many DUmmies became FReepers in the past 6 months to pump Drumpf like a Prom date.

    Consistent #2019

    Reverse Operation Chaos!

    We have RNC to blame. Why on earth do we have open primaries?

    silver pines #2050

    Who cares? We’re past conservatism. He’s going to build a wall. /sarcasm

    rodamala #2051

    I wish, for the life of me I copied word for word the post from some FReeper who mentioned seeing a far leftist liberal coworker of his at the polls after they had voted, and the coworker proudly exclaimed that he voted for Drumpf because he didn’t care which Democrat won, either would work for him in the General Election, because there was no way, no how that this nation would elect Drumpf if he wins the nomination for the Republican party.

    It’s not sneaking suspicion, it’s real, and it is happenning on a scale broader than people, especially the feces-flinger Trumpanzees, would dare admit.

    slhancock1948 #2054

    Rodamala, you are so right. We have complained for years, but they say that they want open primaries so the democrats who are thinking of switching parties are free to vote. Like we are THAT dumb! Few democrats really want to vote for republicans. Those days are long past. I think Reagan pulled off any democrats that were still conservative. Now they just want to mess up our primary. And, like you say, that have no intention of voting for Drumfph when they have two perfectly good socialists themselves.

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    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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