Viral video shows Charleston police arresting kneeling protester: 'I am not your enemy'

Source: The Hill | June 2, 2020 | Morgan Gstalter

A video viewed more than 21 million times on Twitter shows police in Charleston, S.C., breaking a line to arrest a single, kneeling protester during his passionate plea telling law enforcement that he is not the “enemy.”

The viral clip shows the moment when Givionne “Gee” Jordan Jr. was arrested during a moment of peace amid Sunday’s protests, The Post and Courier reported.

“I am not your enemy,” Jordan, dressed in a black shirt and red do-rag, told the officers in Marion Square, his voice caked with emotion. “All of you are my family.”

Other protesters crouch around him as he continues to tell the police that he is scared.

“Black, white, cop, we’re all the same,” Jordan said. “We’re living in fear. We’ve got to stop living in fear … I’m here for you. I’m here with you.”

Moments later, an officer moves forward flanked by companions and they pull Jordan up to his feet.

The protesters are seen in the video screaming as Jordan is led away.

“What are you doing?” the group of demonstrators demand as the police line is reformed.

Jordan, 23, told the Post and Courier that he spent the night in the county jail. A police report obtained by the outlet indicates that he was charged with disobeying a lawful order.

Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds said that the two-minute video does not capture the entirety of the tense exchange in the park.

“We specifically asked for them, numerous times, to disperse,” he said. “We said if you don’t you will be arrested.”

According to Jordan, he was detained around 5 p.m. while the city’s curfew did not go into effect until 6.


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