WATCH: Deace Smackdown Round 2: Another Trump Supporter Eats Her Lies

Source: Conservative Review | April 29, 2016 | Chris Pandolfo

After slamming one Trump supporter on CNN for spreading lies, Conservative Review’s Steve Deace went another round on Newsmax TV, taking another Trump supporter, Scottie Nell Hughes, to task for spreading lies.

Deace and Hughes appear starting at 3:07:


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    He really lost it there. They were just laughing at him. I really like Steve and he is 100% correct but his delivery there didn’t do the cause any good. He came across as a screaming lunatic:(

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    rgintn #5513

    Deace is what the GOP caims they will be like if elected. Once elected the GOP turns into trump squishing on the trannie bathroom issue

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