Watch live: Ted Cruz at the California GOP convention

Source: LA Times | April 30, 2016 |
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    Thanks for the prompt I just made it a few seconds before he speaks.

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    Another Rip Roaring speech, I never get tired of hearing it, we need to pray for Ted when we think about what is happening to our Republic, pray without ceasing and in every thing give thanks.

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    Here is Cruz’s full speech at the CA GOP convention for anyone who missed it live as I did.

    Vs. Trump’s speech.


    Cruz spoke about policy and specifics on policies and spoke about The Constitution. I think that overall, that Cruz got a much more enthusiastic response from the crowd than did Trump.

    Trump started out with great applause but as he talked more and the more he talked about “him” – Trump – Trump – Trump, “Me”, “Me”, “Me”, about how “popular” he is, the polls, how the system is rigged against HIM… “lying Ted”, talking about Kasich’s eating habits, rather than speaking on any of the issues, (did he talk about any?) and he barely mentioned Hillary – the crowd and their enthusiasm, at least IMO seemed to trail off. He did get laughs and applause mind you, but so do most comedians.

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