We Cannot Let This Guy Get Away

Source: American Thinker | 20 February, 2016 | Lloyd Marcus

My wife Mary and I are in Nevada with our Conservative Campaign Committee team, campaigning for Ted Cruz.  We awoke this morning to snow.  Mary asked me to walk several blocks from our hotel to Walgreen’s to pick up a few things.  With my headset plugged into my smartphone, I listened to Ted Cruz’s press conference during my trek.

Wow!  Cruz’s brilliant, bold performance at that press conference showcased why America desperately needs Ted Cruz in the White House.  The MSM (Democrat operatives) tried to use Obama’s talking points to pressure Cruz and the GOP into allowing Obama to appoint a flaming liberal to the Supreme Court in his remaining months.  Cruz did not fall for it.  He firmly said no, not happening.

Cruz went on to say: “And I believe we should make 2016 a referendum on the U.S. Supreme Court.  If the Democrats want to jam in a liberal judicial activist to undermine the First Amendment, to undermine the Second Amendment, to take away our religious liberty, we should make that an issue for the American people.”

“We should not confirm a justice nominee during an election year, particularly with a lawless president who has undermined the Constitution at every stage.”

Folks, Republicans simply do not tell the no-holds-barred truth about Obama like that.  It just isn’t done! 

Later, a CCC team member sent me video of Ted Cruz featured on CNN’s Republican Presidential Town Hall, hosted by leftist operative Anderson Cooper.

Once again, Cruz’s confident stature and performance

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  • slhancock1948 #1372

    Amen to that! Lloyd Marcus is a great American patriot. So glad to read this today!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    silver pines #1382

    To the title: Amen and amen.

    I am stunned every day that there are fools who actually want DONALD TRUMP instead of Ted Cruz.

    And to any Freepers who might be lurking, that’s right, I said fools. Don’t give me any of that “we win, they lose” garbage, because garbage is all it is. It operates on the fallacy that Cruz and Trump are ANYWHERE NEAR similar instead of being 180 degrees apart from one another.

    They are not interchangeable. One is not as good as the other.

    After all this time, we finally have a solid Christian Constitutional conservative to vote for. I hear he’s the best since Reagan, but it’s my personal opinion that he might eclipse Reagan, who was a very intelligent man, but not off-the-charts brilliant like Cruz (and who is?).

    If you toss this man aside for Donald Trump, you are no better than an Obamabot. No, I take it back…you’re worse. Because you know better. And you’re dooming the country we all share just so you can indulge your rage and your emotions.

    Wake up.

    slhancock1948 #1385

    I likes your comments. Looks like SC is going for the reality star instead of a principled conservative and keeping the country safe.

    I’ve probably said this here before, but I personally feel that God will let us choose Trump, if that’s what the people really want, but he will be our judgment. He is an ungodly man, so we’ll reap the consequences of electing an ungodly man.

    He will be a real deal-doer, alright! That will be his legacy, which is what he wants. But, I challenge ANYBODY to tell me when they can remember conservatives getting anything of substance from deals? I’m not even sure that we’ll have any benefits from his election as I see that God’s judgment has been waiting, and now that we’ve legalized abortion and same sex marriage, we have turned from Israel (our support of which has stayed God’s hand of fury) and now Trump? Trump is NOT a supporter of Israel. Judgment day will arrive very quickly, I am certain.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    silver pines #1399

    Slhancock, I agree with everything you said. Trump says he won’t take sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. No one in his right mind could believe that’s a Godly position to take.

    Lately I’ve been wondering if God is testing us by setting before us two candidates…one Godly, one profane…so that He can see which one we’ll choose. If we embrace the profane, who knows what kind of judgment will follow.

    Victoria #1412

    To all of you, I also think God is letting the people choose what they want. The majority of the people have turned from God and they are choosing Trump. That is hard for us to understand as we see the man for what he is – a man of “nothing”. They are choosing “nothing” for their future. Lawlessness and immorality abound now and that will multiply exposentially with nothing Trump in charge.

    Trump doesn’t know what he said the day before. He is for and against on absoutely everything from day to the next day. He has a Bible but doesn’t know what is in it. He doesn’t make a choice between the killer Palestinians and Israel.

    Trump is repulsive in his speech and manner. He loves no one but himself. Does he love America? Only because it gives him what he wants.

    As I said, I hope he finally does/says something the American people cannot abide and they stop voting for him.

    EVERYDAY #1413

    Received a text from my cousin last night — she declared that if Trump wins the presidency, she and her husband are leaving the US. They are just mortified at the prospect of the rude, arrogant, self-centered blowhard occupying the Whit House for 4 years

    rodamala #1414

    It’s horrifying to see your gut feelings playing out before your eyes.

    For the past 3 months I have seen that given the GOP establishment’s hatred of the only constitutional originalist conservative in the race, that the whole primary was being set up for the speedtalking gang-of-eight waterboy to get the go ahead.

    At this point I am so absolutely disgusted with how braindead the everyday American is, that I just really don’t care anymore. What was 47% is, now with the populist spew of Trump, is more like 65%.

    If this crap continues, the Republic is lost and I’ll be gone Galt, thankyouverymuch.

    Bernie Sanders can make Jim Robinson pay for sending MS-13 gang members to college. It aint gonna be me. No way, Jose.

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