West Virginia on Verge of Becoming 26th Right to Work State

Source: Washington Free Beacon | 5 Feb 15 | Bill McMorris

Coercive unionism may be coming to an end in West Virginia despite threats from Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin to veto right to work legislation.

West Virginia could become the 26th right to work state in the country after the House of Delegates passed legislation on Thursday that would prevent companies from requiring union membership as a condition of employment. Delegate Gary Howell, a chief advocate for the bill, said the legislation fits into the pro-growth agenda that led Republicans to take control of the legislature in the traditionally Democratic state.


“I will veto the legislation passed today, which received bipartisan opposition but only partisan support,” he said in a statement. “I remain committed to growing West Virginia’s economy, but I do not believe right-to-work legislation is the best way to do that.”

Tomblin’s pledge, however, is unlikely to prevent the shift away from forced unionism. West Virginia only requires a majority vote from the legislature to overturn a veto. The bill passed the House 54-46 and a similar bill cleared the Senate 17-16.

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  • ConstitutionalConservative #576

    This is good news, I am against Unions as they are today they represent a shadow government bent on the deprivation of a free society through socialism.

    EVERYDAY #594

    It would be if it wasn’t for the union bought and paid for Democrat governor. Let’s hope the legislature can override the veto.

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