York-Poquoson Sheriff places 'In God We Trust' on patrol cars

Source: Virginia Gazette | Feb 8 2016 |

The York-Poquoson Sheriff’s office announced Monday that its patrol cars new bear a new decal reading “In God We Trust.”

Sheriff J.D. “Danny” Diggs, who announced the move in a lengthy Facebook post, said the decision was made in an effort to honor God “by acknowledging him for his blessings upon us and it shows our patriotism by displaying our national motto.”

Diggs ordered about 100 decals for the department’s 50 marked patrol cars. Diggs said he paid for the decals, which cost about $1,480, out of his own pocket.

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  • Woodcutter #892

    Here’s something positive!!
    Reportedly, the response has been mostly supportive.

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