Youth vote: Sanders 84%, Clinton 14%, Cruz 26%, Rubio 23%, Trump 20%

Source: Washington Examiner | 2/2/16 | Paul Bedard

Younger voters turned out in droves in Iowa, nearly reaching the Obama-fed 2008 surge, flocking overwhelmingly to Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders, while siding with GOP winner Sen. Ted Cruz, according to a youth voter analysis.

A Tufts University report just issued showed that 11.2 percent of eligible Iowans 17 to 29 participated in the GOP and Democratic caucuses, making up 15 percent of the actual vote.


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  • Consistent #355

    2016 Iowa Presidential Caucus Candidate Support
    Iowa Presidential Caucus Candidate Support

    Dom Ruinart #356

    Young people tend not to vote in general elections, whereas gray hairs ALWAYS vote.

    Scarlett_Says #357

    I wanted to run these numbers in GPH’s face. He spent most of a week claiming Cruz voters were geriatrics.

    But, I’ve found I’m a better Christian when I “ignore the stupid”.

    FReeper formerly known as Brothers4thID

    rodamala #360

    GPH is worth ignoring. For sure.

    rodamala #361

    So the “living in mom’s basement” crowd votes for Santa Claus who promises to give them more FREE $HIT? Not surprised.

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