Trump: Transgender People Can Use Whatever Bathroom They Want

Source: Politico | 4/21/2016 | Nick Gass


Transgender people should be able to use whatever bathroom they want, Donald Trump said Thursday.

“Oh, I had a feeling that question was going to come up, I will tell you. North Carolina did something that was very strong. And they’re paying a big price. There’s a lot of problems,” the Republican presidential candidate said during a town hall event on NBC’s “Today.”

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  • kleindropper #4911

    As an experiment, (if I were brave) I would put my hair in pig tails and waltz into my health club’s women’s locker room and start gabbing with the gals as I strip down and head to the shower.

    Maybe if a few thousand guys did this, people would start to get the message.

    Mark2959 #4915

    Trump is going back to his natural state. Which is nothing more than a flaming Liberal.

    rodamala #4916

    …and start gabbing with the gals as I strip down and head to the shower.

    “Soooo hot!”

    rgintn #4922

    Hat tip Steve Deace, businesses will be sued as a result of this pandering. Pervs will prey on women and children and businesses who surrendered to the lgbt lobby will be sued.

    Consistent #4933

    silver pines #5004

    I am a small boned 5’4” tall woman (I wear a child size eyeglass frame reading glasses) and dentists complain they have a problem getting their hand in my mouth as it is small), which means most any man is stronger than I am. If I see a man in the bathroom when I walk in, I’m leaving and if one comes in while I am there, I’m leaving. I am considering hooking a bathroom on wheels to the back of the car. :o)

    As I have said before, Trump has no morals – has no integrity and no core beliefs. He is fine with anyone going in any bathroom – he has his own private bathrooms with gold plated fixtures. Now, if he had to go in a public bathroom, the Secret Service would empty everyone out of the bathroom so he would have it to himself. He doesn’t give a damn about men being in bathrooms with girls.

    Yes, and the same is true for his mail order bride. She won’t have to worry about sharing the room with a freak.

    Neverdul #5160 Pretzel

    A great metaphor for Trump’s, and his supporters’ way of twisting his words to mean anything they want them to mean. It’s easy when your candidate has no core beliefs.

    CA Surveyor #5165

    >> “I am considering hooking a bathroom on wheels to the back of the car. :o)” <<

    My brother and sis-in-law had a motorhome once upon a time, and she called it “My backhouseo mobile.” (say it with a Sicilian accent)

    Victoria #5168

    CA Surveyor, I didn’t think about our BUS when I said I would hook a bathroom onto the back of the car. I should have thought of it. We have a motor home BUS that is as big as a Continental Trailway BUS. No joke, it is. Plus, it has a pull out on the side so when expanded makes a much larger living room. This is a serious BUS. We could just get in it and do our shopping and have our own house with full bathroom with us while we shop. I’ll have to remind Bob if the bathroom situation gets bad, we’re taking the BUS.

    madmaximus #5173

    How is Trump going to keep illegals out of the country when he won’t even keep pervs out of the ladies room??

    Victoria #5175

    Madmaximus, Trump just talks. He has no idea how to accomplish anything he says. He doesn’t know how government works. Remember, a while ago, he said he would have the supreme court judges investigate Clinton and another time said he would have them pass laws. Can you say, “dumber than dumb”?

    I think when his father gave him the construction business, he had those lawyers connected to the business, do the “deals” he talks about, and then he hired contractors to build the buildings. I also think a ghost writer wrote the books Trump says he wrote. In fact, such a ghost writer has surfaced to say he wrote The Art of the Deal for Trump. Trump cannot put a complete sentence together when speaking and I think has has a learning disability and that is why he acted out in class and attacked a teacher and then, at age 13, his behavior was so bad they sent him away to military school.

    madmaximus #5177

    You are absolutely right, Victoria. Trump is all-talk. He just says what they want to hear, but if elected, it will be a different story.

    Trump is establishment all the way. I knew that long before he announced his candidacy.

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